What is it like to work at Jah-Jireh?

Jah-Jireh is a registered charity and cares only for elderly Jehovah's Witnesses in need of residential or nursing home care.  As such, we only employ Jehovah's Witnesses to carry out this care.

Working at Jah-Jireh can be very rewarding, because you get to work in a spiritual environment surrounded by brothers and sisters and you are able to share in the joy of looking after some very special people.  From missionaries to circuit overseers to longstanding faithful publishers, all of our residents are able to share their experiences and stories of old and in turn as a carer, or whatever role you choose, you can encourage them and make them feel safe in their time of need.

No previous training or qualifications are necessary to work at Jah-Jireh as all induction and care training will be given and there is the opportunity to hone your skills if you wish.  For nurses a current PIN is required.

For those able to work more than 30 hours per week subsidised accommodation is available.

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If you have any questions, please contact us using the Employment Enquiry form below or email us at: hr@jah-jireh.org

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From Our Managers:

Lisa Clements

Business Manager

I have been working at Jah-Jireh Blackpool since 2004 and in that time I have had training up to NVQ Level V in Leadership & Management and since 2013 I have been a Senior Supervisor working closely with the Care Manager. There is such a nice atmosphere and homely feel here, the staff and residents are all so friendly. I love caring for people and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. While working in the care sector can be challenging, I balance this with the joys and good times that I share with all my brothers and sisters, staff and residents. I always go home satisfied and know that I have done my best, along with my team, in caring for the residents to the very best of our ability. We receive a lot of training and the elderly ones benefit from this because we are able to care for them with a more holistic approach.

Manhar Gandesha

Senior Support Manager

I came to work at Jah-Jireh Blackpool in 2003 and I view it as a privilege to work and look after our brothers and sisters. I consider them all as my family and brothers and I also believe that they consider me to be their family too. I thoroughly enjoy my work because despite challenges, I feel valued. I am also confident that the trustees appreciate what I do. I really love being involved in taking care of the spirituality of the residents, we recently had 26 join in family worship where we prepare the Watchtower, four of whom were equipped with iPads and made use of our wifi.